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Smarty: PHP Template Programming and Applications

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Smarty is a powerful templating tool that can breathe new life into PHP programming, and solve many of the difficulties PHP programmers face on non-trivial projects.

This book will take you through the Smarty basics step by step, showing you how to realize the benefits from this product. But this is no "hello world" tutorial; the book also covers advanced Smarty topics crucial to large-scale web development: performance, internationalization, customization, and so on.

Smarty is an established engine with a proven track record for making development and design easier and more elegant. Whether you're just starting with Smarty, or are looking for extra insights on advanced features, this book will help you.

Preface 1
Chapter 1: Introduction to Smarty
Chapter 2: Smarty Site Architecture
Chapter 3: What Designers Need to Know
Chapter 4: Creating a Template
Chapter 5: Advanced Templating
Chapter 6: Smarty Functions
Chapter 7: Debugging for Designers
Chapter 8: Built-in Smarty Variables and Methods
Chapter 9: Caching and Performance
Chapter 10: Extending Smarty with Plug-ins
Chapter 11: Filters
Chapter 12: Internationalization

Author Details
"João Prado Maia" is Lead Software Developer with Alert Logic, Inc. and was previously with MySQL AB as the lead developer behind Eventum, an issue tracking system, and MySQL Network, a subscription product for everything related to MySQL services. He has been working with PHP, Smarty, and PEAR for several years, and maintains, one of the most popular PHP-related community sites in Brazil.

"Hasin Hayder" graduated in Civil Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET). He is an open-source enthusiast who has been programming since early 2001. He maintains phpXperts, the largest PHP user group in Bangladesh, and Zephyr, an open-source AJAX-based MVC framework for PHP5 developers.

"Lucian Gheorghe" is currently working as a senior network engineer for Globtel Internet, a significant Internet and Telephony Services Provider to the Romanian market. Even if it's not his main activity, He has been programming in PHP for over 5 years building billing interfaces, industrial software interfaces, e-commerce sites, and so on.

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