Saturday, March 23, 2019

Square-D Selecting Capacitor Size Excel Calculator

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This Excel Calculator Can Perform the Calculations of :- 

1. Selecting an Automatic Capacitor Size :- The following calculator is used to determine the capacitor kVAR  required to improve PF of a single load or entire power system.  Actual power factor, peak kilowatt demand, desired PF and  system voltage are required. The best source for this information  is the monthly utility bill or other local monitoring equipment. A  calculation of each months data for a 12 month period is  recommended to determine the maximum kVAR required.

2. Automatic Capacitor Bank Sizing :-

Example: How much kVAR is required to correct an entire  480V system to a 90% power factor when the peak kilowatt  demand month was 620kW at a 65% power factor?

Formula: kVAR = kW x kW FACTOR 

From the kW FACTOR calculator below , the FACTOR 
is 0.685 

Therefore: kVAR = 620 x .685 = 425 

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