Monday, March 4, 2019

The Art of Linux KerneL Design

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During the past several years, we have worked very hard to develop a new operating system that could resist any intrusion attacks of illegal program from outside. We have established two testing sites to welcome all hackers around the world to give it a try. People can access the following website for intrusion testing: or

During the process of developing the new operating system, we realized that the importance of understanding the operating system as a whole is much greater than just focusing on details. The easiest way to understand the operating system is to look into a simple operating system instead of any modern complicated ones nowadays. It is the main reason that we have chosen Linux 0.11 (less than 20,000 lines of source code). After 20 years of development, compared with Linux 0.11, Linux has become very huge, complex, and difficult to learn. But the design concept and main structure have no fundamental changes. Learning Linux 0.11 still has important practical significances.

We have not only analyzed the detail of source code and the execution sequence of the operating system but also focused on the “jobs” the operating system has done, especially the relationship among them, their means, the reason that they are executed, and the design ideas that are hidden behind them. All of these have been analyzed in detail and in depth.

1. From Power-Up to the Main Function
2. Device Initialization and Process 0 Activation
3. Creation and Execution of Process 1
4. Creation and Execution of Process 2
5. File Operation
6. The User Process and Memory Management
7. Buffer and Multiprocess File
8. Inter-Process Communication
9. Operating System’s Design Guidelines

Author Details
"Lixiang Yang" is an associate professor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include operating systems, compilers, and programming language. Recently, he and his team successfully developed a new operating system that aims to fundamentally solve the problem concerning the intrusion of illegal programs into computers.

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