Tuesday, March 5, 2019

TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go, (3rd Edition)

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With all the people in the world who have only access to a smartphone but not a PC or a keyboard, creating a programming environment for developing in that environment became a reality with TouchDevelop from Microsoft Research. This ApressOpen book TouchDevelop Programming on the Go 3rd Edition is meant to be a handy reference to this unique programming environment.

Who this book is for
Background to the book
Other learning materials
Important websites
The TouchDevelop Team
List of figures
List of tables
Chapter 1: Introduction to TouchDevelop
Chapter 2: The Scripting Language
Chapter 3: The Wall – using the screen
Chapter 4: The Web
Chapter 5: Audio
Chapter 6: Camera, Graphics and Video
Chapter 7: Sensors
Chapter 8: Interactions
Chapter 9: Game Board
Chapter 10: UI with Boxes and Pages
Chapter 11: Authenticating Web Services
Appendix A. Editing TouchDevelop Scripts
Appendix B. TouchDevelop Services
Appendix C. TouchDevelop Datatypes
Appendix D. Platform Capabilities
Appendix E. TouchDevelop Editor on a Windows Phone

Author Details
"R. Nigel Horspool"

"Nikolai Tillman"

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