Monday, April 29, 2019

2D Graphics Programming for Games

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There are already some great books on programming 2D games, so why write one that focuses only on 2D graphics?

The answer is that whereas other books might succeed at covering a breadth of topics, they don't necessarily go into the depth required to make professional-looking games. Some great texts cover other advanced game development topics, such as game physics, game AI, real-time 3D graphics, and game architectures, but the information on 2D graphics has been difficult to find in a single text. Until now, that is.

Further, the books that do discuss the creation of 2D games focus on only one platform (OpenGL, DirectX, Flash, XNA). In reality, as you will see in this book, the core concepts of graphics programming are the same, regardless of platform.

About the Author
I. Getting Started in 2D
1 Introduction
2 Basics of Computer Graphics
3 Sprites!
4 Animation
5 Camera and Tiling
6 The Illusion of Depth
7 User Interface
III .Advanced Graphics
8 Particle Systems
9 GPU Programming
10 Polish, Polish, Polish!
IV. Appendices
A. Math Review: Geometry
B. Math Review: Vectors
C. Math Review: Trigonometry

Author Details
"John Pile Jr"

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