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3D Game Environments Create professional 3D Game Worlds (2nd Edition)

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It is important that you know first off that this is not a book about game level design; rather, it is about creating art for a game world with a focus on the tools and technologies to do so.

This is an important distinction. Game level design is the point at which all the planning, technology, and design converge, and creating the art for that game level is only one part that feeds into that huge process. Yet it is an important part, one that requires you to be not only creative but also technically aware of the tools and processes being used to develop the game.

Section I: The basics
1. Game world optimizations
2. Three-dimensional concepts
3. Shaders and materials
Section II: Low-polygon environments with simple shaders
4. Planning the low-polygon urban environment
5. Modeling the large urban environment
6. Texturing the large urban environment
Section III: Terrain, foliage, and more advanced asset creation
7. Introduction to natural environments
8. Terrain
9. Filling the world: Trees, plants, rocks, water, and sky
10. Modeling and texturing the jungle base
11. Focus on the futuristic interior—normal maps and multipass shaders

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"Luke Ahearn"

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