Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Beginners’ Guide To 2D Platform Games With Unity

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After teaching Unity for over 5 years, I always thought it could be great to find a book that could get my students started with Unity in a few hours and that showed them how to master the core functionalities offered by this fantastic software.

Many of the books that I found were too short and did not provide enough details on the why behind the actions recommended and taken; other books were highly theoretical, and I found that they lacked practicality and that they would not get my students’ full attention. In addition, I often found that game development may be preferred by those with a programming background but that those with an Arts background, even if they wanted to get to know how to create games, often had to face the issue of learning to code for the first time.

As a result, I started to consider a format that would cover both: be approachable (even to the students with no programming background), keep students highly motivated and involved using an interesting project, cover the core functionalities available in Unity to get started with game programming, provide answers to common questions, and also provide, if need be, a considerable amount of details for some topics.

Chapter 1: Creating a Simple Level
Chapter 2: Managing Score, Lives and Levels
Chapter 3: Adding Sound and Displaying Values Onscreen
Chapter 4: Adding Challenging Gameplay
Chapter 5: Frequently-Asked Questions
Chapter 6: Thank You!

Author Details
"Patrick Felicia" is a lecturer and researcher at Waterford Institute of Technology, where he teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students. He obtained his MSc in Multimedia Technology in 2003 and PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from University College Cork, Ireland.

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