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A Primer for Oilwell Drilling (6th Edition)

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Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX) Published the first edition of A Primer of Oilwell Drilling in 1951. The book's section on drilling, and it spent as much ink on steam power as it did on internal combustion engines. Later editions, of course, evolved with the industry; thus, the third edition (released in the early 1970s) did not so much as mention cable tools and steam power.

Units of Measurement
Metric Conversion Factors
1. Introduction
2. History
3. Cable- Too and Rotary Drilling
4. Rotary Rig Types
5. People and Companies
6. Oil and Gas: Characteristics and Occurrence
7. The Drill Site
8. Riffing Up
9. Rig Components
10. Normal Drilling Operations
11. Formation Evaluation
12. Completing the Well
13. Special Operations
14. Rig Safety and Environmental Concerns

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"Ron Baker"

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