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Bearing Design in Machinery: Engineering Tribology and Lubrication

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Most engineering schools offer senior courses in bearing design in machinery. These courses are offered under various titles, such as Tribology, Bearings and Bearing Lubrication, and Advanced Machine Design. This book is intended for use as a textbook for these and similar courses for undergraduate students and for self-study by engineers involved in design, maintenance, and development of machinery. The text includes many examples of problems directly related to important design cases, which are often encountered by engineers. In addition, students will find this book useful as a reference for design projects and machine design courses.

Engineers have already realized that there is a need for a basic course and a textbook for undergraduate students that does not focus on only one bearing type, such as a hydrodynamic bearing or a rolling-element bearing, but presents the big picture—an overview of all bearing types. This course should cover the fundamental aspects of bearing selection, design, and tribology. Design engineers require much more knowledge for bearing design than is usually taught in machine design courses.

This book was developed to fill this need. The unique approach of this text is that it is not intended only for scientists and graduate students, but it is specifically tailored as a basic practical course for engineers. For this purpose, the traditional complex material of bearing design was simplified and presented in a methodical way that is easily understood, and illustrated by many examples.

Chapter 1: Classification and Selection of Bearings
Chapter 2: Lubricant Viscosity
Chapter 3: Fundamental Properties of Lubricants
Chapter 4: Principles of Hydrodynamic Lubrication
Chapter 5: Basic Hydrodynamic Equations
Chapter 6: Long Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Chapter 7: Short Journal Bearings
Chapter 8: Design Charts for Finite-Length Journal Bearings
Chapter 9: Practical Applications of Journal Bearings
Chapter 10: Hydrostatic Bearings
Chapter 11: Bearing Materials
Chapter 12: Rolling Element Bearings
Chapter 13: Selection and Design of Rolling Bearings
Chapter 14: Testing of Friction and Wear
Chapter 15: Hydrodynamic Bearings Under Dynamic Conditions
Chapter 16: Friction Characteristics
Chapter 17: Modeling Dynamic Friction
Chapter 18: Case Study: Composite Bearing—Rolling Element and Fluid Film in Series
Chapter 19: Non-Newtonian Viscoelastic Effects
Chapter 20: Orthopedic Joint Implants
Appendix A. Units and Definitions of Material Properties
Appendix B. Numerical Integration

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"Avraham Harnoy"

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