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Bearing Maintenance (Millwright)

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Bearings normally last for many years if they are selected, installed and maintained correctly. Anti-Friction bearing classification and identification explains how to select the correct bearing and Anti-Friction Bearing Removal and Installation explains how to install bearings correctly. This module explains how inspect how to inspect, maintain and lubricate bearings so that they run for their expected life of many years.

This module also enables you to identify the causes of premature failure ans to correct any errors in selection and installation. Knowing the causes of failure and to correct any errors in selection and installation. knowing the causes of failure enables you to implement the best possible maintenance and lubrication methods for the conditions in which the bearings are operating.

Objective One
1. temperature
2. Vibration
3. High amperage readings
4. Dirty Oil
5. Sound (Noise)
Objective Two
1. Improper Installation and Handling
2. Improper Maintenance Practices
3. Improper Selection
4. Fatigue
Objective Three
1. Listen, Feel, Look
2. Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
3. Oil Analysis
4. Temperature Monitoring
Objective Four
1. Lubrication of Bearings
2. Plain Bearing Lubrication
3. Oil versus Grease Lubrication
Objective Five
1. Routine Maintenance
2. Corrective Maintenance
Self-Test Answers

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