Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bearing Seals and Pillow Blocks (Millwright)

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Contamination is known to be a major cause of failure in anti friction bearings, so getting the right seal to keep dirt out of bearings is critical. Bearing seals must also retain lubricant and perform their jobs with a minimum of friction and wear.

Pillow blocks and flanged bearings are used to support shafts that extend a long distance out form the housing of machine or support shaft that are completely separate form the driver or Driven Units.

Objective One
1. External and integral and integral seals
2. Rubbing Seals
3. Non-Rubbing Seals
4. Objective one Exercise 
5. Objective One exercise Answers
Objective Two
1. Pillow Blocks
2. Objective Two Exercise Objective Two Exercise Answers
3. Self-Test
4. Self-Test Answers

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