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Beginner’s Guide to Shading and Texturing in 3ds Max 2016

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The Beginner’s Guide to Shading and Texturing in 3ds Max 2016 offers a hands-on exercises based strategy for all those digital artists who have just started working on the 3ds Max and interested in learning shading and texturing in 3ds Max. This brilliant guide takes you step-by-step through the whole process of shading and texturing.

In this book, the author has covered material editors, Autodesk Materials, standard materials/maps, and mental ray’s Arch & Design material. A better understanding of materials and maps gives you ability to add realism to your artwork. The concepts you will learn using this book will immensely help you in creating realistic looking surfaces.

1. Unit M1: Introducing 3ds Max - I
2. Unit M2: Introducing 3ds Max - II
3. Unit S1-Material Editors
4. Unit S2 - Standard Materials and Maps
5. Unit S3–Mental Ray and Autodesk Materials
6. Unit SH1 - Hands-on Exercises [Shading I]
7. Unit SH2 - Hands-on Exercises [Shading II]
8. Unit SH3 - Hands-on Exercises [Shading III]

Author Details
"Raavi O’Connor"

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