Thursday, April 25, 2019

Beginning Big Data with Power BI and Excel 2013

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This book is intended for anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel who wants to analyze and visualize data in order to get results. It focuses on understanding the underlying structure of data, so that the most appropriate tools can be used to analyze it. The early working title of this book was “Big Data for the Masses,” implying that these tools make Business Intelligence (BI) more accessible to the average person who wants to leverage his or her Excel skills to analyze large datasets.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Big Data
Chapter 2: Excel As Database and Data Aggregator
Chapter 3: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Chapter 4: Building a Data Model
Chapter 5: Using SQL in Excel
Chapter 6: Designing Reports with Power View
Chapter 7: Calculating with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Chapter 8: Power Query
Chapter 9: Power Map
Chapter 10: Statistical Calculations
Chapter 11: HDInsight

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"Neil Dunlop"

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