Thursday, April 25, 2019

Beginning iOS Social Games

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Mobile games are social and becoming more integrated into our social lives every day. Game Center and Game Kit are Apple’s answers to integrating social aspects into iOS games, making it easier than it has ever been before to add items like leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer, and voice chat. Social network integration exists on everything from cars to refrigerators, and adding Twitter and Facebook support to an iOS game has become just about a requirement. Airplay and game controllers may be the next great leap forward in mobile gaming, if history has taught us anything; those that are a step ahead of the future are positioned for success.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewers
Foreword: Better With Friends
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Social Gaming
Chapter 2: Game Center: Setting Up and Getting Started
Chapter 3: Leaderboards
Chapter 4: Achievements
Chapter 5: Matchmaking and Invitations
Chapter 6: The Peer Picker
Chapter 7: Network Design Overview
Chapter 8: Exchanging Data
Chapter 9: Turned-Based Gaming with Game Center
Chapter 10: Voice Chat
Chapter 11: In-App Purchase with StoreKit
Chapter 12: Twitter
Chapter 13: Facebook
Chapter 14: AirPlay
Chapter 15: Game Controllers

Author Details
"Kyle Richter" is the founder of Dragon Forged Software, an award-winning iOS and Mac development company, and co-founder of Empirical Development, a for-hire iOS shop. Kyle began writing code in the early 90s and has always been dedicated to the Mac platform.

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