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Beginning PHP5, Apache, and MySQL Web Development

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This update to a Wrox bestseller dives in and guides the reader through the entire process of creating dynamic, data-driven sites using the open source "AMP" model: Apache Web server, the MySQL database system, and the PHP scripting language. The team of expert authors covers PHP scripting, database management, security, integration, and e-commerce functions and comes complete with a useful syntax reference.
  • Showcases three fully functional Web site examples, with implementations for both Windows and Linux, that readers can incorporate into their own projects
  • Updates include a new chapter on PHP5 features and functions, a new example Web site application, and updates to PHP5 throughout the text

Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Configuring Your Installation
Part II: Movie Review Web Site
Chapter 2: Creating PHP Pages Using PHP5
Chapter 3: Using PHP5 with MySQL
Chapter 4: Using Tables to Display Data
Chapter 5: Form Elements: Letting the User Work with Data
Chapter 6: Letting the User Edit the Database
Chapter 7: Manipulating and Creating Images with PHP
Chapter 8: Validating User Input
Chapter 9: Handling and Avoiding Errors
Part III: Comic Book Fan Site 
Chapter 10: Building Databases
Chapter 11: Sending E-mail
Chapter 12: User Logins, Profiles, and Personalization
Chapter 13: Building a Content Management System
Chapter 14: Mailing Lists
Chapter 15: Online Stores
Chapter 16: Creating a Bulletin Board System
Chapter 17: Using Log Files to Improve Your Site
Chapter 18: Troubleshooting
Appendix A: Answers to Exercises
Appendix B: PHP Quick Reference
Appendix C: PHP5 Functions
Appendix D: MySQL Data Types
Appendix E: MySQL Quick Reference
Appendix F: Comparison of Text Editors
Appendix G: Choosing a Third-Party Host
Appendix H: An Introduction to PEAR
Appendix I: AMP Installation

Author Details
"Elizabeth Naramore" Elizabeth graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a degree in Organizational Behavior and has been a Web developer since 1997. Her main focus is in e commerce, but she develops sites across numerous industries. She is currently a moderator at, an online help center for PHP. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two children, and looks forward to someday returning to Miami to get her Masters in Computer Science.

"Jason “goldbug” Gerner" Jason currently spends his days working as a Web developer in Cincinnati and burns free time complaining about lack of support for Web standards and abusing XML. He can often be found lurking in the discussion forums, waiting to chime in with nagging comments about CSS or code efficiency.

"Yann “Bunkermaster” Le Scouarnec" Yann is the senior developer for Jolt Online Gaming, a British gaming company. He is a moderator at and a developer of open source PHP software for the gaming community. He has also worked for major software corporations as a software quality expert.

"Jeremy “stolzyboy” Stolz" Jeremy is a Web Developer at J&M Companies, Inc. (, a print company in Fargo, North Dakota. Jeremy is primarily a PHP/MySQL developer, but he has also worked with many other languages. When not working, he frequents the Internet and tries to keep his programming skills sharp and up to date.

"Michael “BuzzLY” Glass" Michael Glass has been a gladiator in the software/Web site development arena for more than eight years. He has more than ten years of commercial programming experience with a wide variety of technologies, including PHP, Java, Lotus Domino, and Vignette StoryServer.

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