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Beginning PostgreSQL on the Cloud Simplifying Database as a Service on Cloud Platforms

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Gone are the days where we had to use our own data centers to create our database infrastructure. We have seen a lot of progress in the cloud computing arena. We can now peacefully deploy our databases or applications on the cloud and avoid the cost and pain of managing the infrastructure. Likewise, most organizations have special projects in place to migrate their proprietary license databases to Open Source databases like PostgreSQL. Most such organizations consider it the right time to migrate to a PostgreSQL database deployed on the cloud, because doing so can save them money and effort. Thus, we knew it was time to write a book that helps users understand the advantages and limitations of all the existing cloud vendors available for deploying PostgreSQL on their platforms.

This book contains the details about the major vendors available to deploy a PostgreSQL database on the cloud. It starts with an introduction to DBaaS and IaaS and a brief description of the criteria considered by organizations when deploying databases as a service. We talk about the major concerns and issues you might come across while deploying databases on the cloud. We included steps and procedures involved in migrating from on-premise to the cloud. As this book is mainly written to address the process of deploying a PostgreSQL database on the cloud, we include a detailed architecture of PostgreSQL in one of the chapters. The architecture of PostgreSQL should help you understand most of the parameters that are needed to better tune your PostgreSQL environment.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Introduction to Databases in the Cloud
Chapter 2: PostgreSQL Architecture
Chapter 3: Amazon Cloud
Chapter 4: Rackspace Cloud
Chapter 5: Google Cloud
Chapter 6: Azure Cloud
Chapter 7: Security on the Cloud
Chapter 8: Backups on the Cloud
Chapter 9: Replication and High Availability on the Cloud
Chapter 10: Encryption on the Cloud
Chapter 11: Connection Pooling on the Cloud
Chapter 12: Monitoring Cloud Databases

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"Baji Shaik"

"Avinash Vallarapu"

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