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Beginning SQL Queries From Novice to Professional

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As a query language, SQL is really quite small and should be easy to learn. A few basic ideas and a handful of keywords allow you to tackle a huge range of queries. However, many users often find themselves completely stumped when faced with a particular problem. You may find yourself in that group. It isn’t really a great deal of help for someone to say, “This is how I would do it.” What you need is a variety of ways to get started on a tricky problem. Once you have made a start on a query, you need to be able to check, amend, and refine your solution until you have what you need.

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CHAPTER 1: Relational Database Overview
CHAPTER 2: Simple Queries on One Table
CHAPTER 3: A First Look at Joins
CHAPTER 4: Nested Queries
CHAPTER 5: Self Joins
CHAPTER 6: More Than One Relationship Between Tables
CHAPTER 7: Set Operations
CHAPTER 8: Aggregate Operations
CHAPTER 9: Efficiency Considerations
CHAPTER 10: How to Approach a Query
CHAPTER 11: Common Problems
APPENDIX Sample Database

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