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Big Data Analytics with Java (Free PDF)

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Even as you read this content, there is a revolution happening behind the scenes in the field of big data. From every coffee that you pick up from a coffee store to everything you click or purchase online, almost every transaction, click, or choice of yours is getting analyzed. From this analysis, a lot of deductions are now being made to offer you new stuff and better choices according to your likes. These techniques and associated technologies are picking up so fast that as developers we all should be a part of this new wave in the field of software. This would allow us better prospects in our careers, as well as enhance our skill set to directly impact the business we work for.

Earlier technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence used to sit in the labs of many PhD students. But with the rise of big data, these technologies have gone mainstream now. So, using these technologies, you can now predict which advertisement the user is going to click on next, or which product they would like to buy, or it can also show whether the image of a tumor is cancerous or not. The opportunities here are vast. Big data in itself consists of a whole lot of technologies whether cluster computing frameworks such as Apache Spark or Tez or distributed filesystems such as HDFS and Amazon S3 or real-time SQL on underlying data using Impala or Spark SQL.

1. Big Data Analytics with Java
2. First Steps in Data Analysis
3. Data Visualization
4. Basics of Machine Learning
5. Regression on Big Data
6. Naive Bayes and Sentiment Analysis
7. Decision Trees
8. Ensembling on Big Data
9. Recommendation Systems
10. Clustering and Customer Segmentation on Big Data
11. Massive Graphs on Big Data
12. Real-Time Analytics on Big Data
13. Deep Learning Using Big Data

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