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Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning

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This book project was fi rst presented to me during my first week in my current role of managing the data mining development at SAS. Writing a book has always been a bucket‐list item, and I was very excited to be involved. I’ve come to realize why so many people want to write books, but why so few get the chance to see their thoughts and ideas bound and published.

I’ve had the opportunity during my studies and professional career to be front and center to some great developments in the area of data mining and to study under some brilliant minds. This experience helped position me with the skills and experience I needed to create this work.

Part One: The Computing Environment
Chapter 1: Hardware
Chapter 2: Distributed Systems
Chapter 3: Analytical Tools
Part Two: Turning Data into Business Value
Chapter 4: Predictive Modeling
Chapter 5: Common Predictive Modeling Techniques
Chapter 6: Segmentation
Chapter 7: Incremental Response Modeling
Chapter 8: Time Series Data Mining
Chapter 9: Recommendation Systems
Chapter 10: Text Analytics
Part Three: Success Stories of Putting It All Together
Chapter 11: Case Study of a Large U.S.‐Based Financial Services Company
Chapter 12: Case Study of a Major Health Care Provider
Chapter 13: Case Study of a Technology Manufacturer
Chapter 14: Case Study of Online Brand Management
Chapter 15: Case Study of Mobile Application Recommendations
Chapter 16: Case Study of a High‐Tech Product Manufacturer
Chapter 17: Looking to the Future
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