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Big Data in Complex Systems Challenges and Opportunities

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Big data refers to large and complex massive amounts of data sets that it becomes difficult to process and analyze using traditional data processing technology. Over the past few years there has been an exponential growth in the rate of available data sets obtained from complex systems, ranging from the interconnection of millions of users in social media data, cheminformatics, hydroinformatics to the information contained in the complex biological data sets. This taking and opened new challenges and opportunities to researcher and scientists on how to acquisition, Recording, store and manipulate this huge amount of data sets and how to develop new tools, mining, study, and visualize the massive amount data sets and what insight can we learn from systems that were previously not understood due to the lack of information. All these aspect, coming from multiple disciples under the theme of big data and their features.

1. Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Massive Data: A Gigantic Task Ahead
2. Big DataMovement: A Challenge in Data Processing
3. Towards Robust Performance Guarantees for Models Learned from High-Dimensional Data
4. Stream Clustering Algorithms: A Primer
5. Cross Language Duplicate Record Detection in Big Data
6. A Novel Hybridized Rough Set and Improved Harmony Search Based Feature Selection for Protein Sequence Classification
7. Autonomic Discovery of News Evolvement in Twitter
8. Hybrid Tolerance Rough Set Based Intelligent Approaches for Social Tagging Systems
9. Exploitation of Healthcare Databases in Anesthesiology and Surgical Care for Comparing Comorbidity Indexes in Cholecystectomized Patients
10. Sickness Absence and Record Linkage Using Primary Healthcare, Hospital and Occupational Databases
11. Classification of ECG Cardiac Arrhythmias Using Bijective Soft Set
12. Semantic Geographic Space: From Big Data to Ecosystems of Data
13. Big DNA Methylation Data Analysis and Visualizing in a Common Form of Breast Cancer
14. Data Quality, Analytics, and Privacy in Big Data
15. Search, Analysis and Visual Comparison of Massive and Heterogeneous Data: Application in the Medical Field
16. Modified Soft Rough Set Based ECG Signal Classification for Cardiac Arrhythmias
17. Towards a New Architecture for the Description and Manipulation of Large Distributed Data
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"Aboul Ella Hassanien "

"Ahmad Taher Azar"

"Vaclav Snasel"

"Janusz Kacprzyk"

"Jemal H. Abawajy"

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