Monday, April 29, 2019

Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook

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Since the Blender interface and code was totally rewritten from scratch, starting with the 2.5 series and throughout the production of the "Durian" open movie "Sintel", a lot of good things happened to this famous open source 3D modeling and animation suite.

One of them has been the announcement, in April 2011, of Cycles, a new rendering engine developed by Brecht Van Lommel with the goal of modernizing Blender's shading and rendering systems and to be used as alternative to the Blender Internal rendering engine.

Cycles has finally been fully integrated in Blender with the 2.61 release as an add-on, which is a Python script, enabled in the Preferences panel by default: it's enough to set it as the active render engine in the UI's top header.

Chapter 1: Overview of Materials in Cycles
Chapter 2: Managing Cycles Materials
Chapter 3: Creating Natural Materials in Cycles
Chapter 4: Creating Man-made Materials in Cycles
Chapter 5: Creating Complex Natural Materials in Cycles
Chapter 6: Creating More Complex Man-made Materials
Chapter 7: Creating Organic Materials

Author Details
"Enrico Valenza", also known on the Web as "EnV", is an Italian freelance illustrator, mainly collaborating with publishers, such as Mondadori Ragazzi and Giunti, as a cover artist for sci-fi
and fantasy books.

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