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Blender for Animation and Film-Based Production

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The idea for this book started quite some time ago—when I wasworking on the project that became my Blender Foundation Certified Trainer certificate. At that time, 2010, I wanted to write about how I created that animation project from scratch. I thought that sharing this experience may be useful to others with similar interests.

That project ended in my homemade studio, where I developed my personal projects. It was also the place where I carried out my professional and educational activities. This book remained in a corner in that small studio waiting to be completed some day.

In the meantime, Blender was upgraded several times, with new code and completely new features. For this reason, this book has been reviewed and updated several times to keep up with Blender’s latest releases.

My intention is not to write a detailed manual about Blender’s features, or where to find specific buttons. Nor is this a book laid out in the form of a structured tutorial. I would like to think of this book as a mixed bag, where I sharemy experiences with Blender, and discuss its usefulness inmost of today’s studios.

CHAPTER 1: Why Blender?
CHAPTER 2: History of Blender
CHAPTER 3: Blender User Interface
CHAPTER 4: Blender in a Digital Studio Pipeline
CHAPTER 5: Modeling Your Main Character
CHAPTER 6: Applying Materials to Our Objects
CHAPTER 7: Blender Internal Textures
CHAPTER 8: UV Unwrap and External Textures
CHAPTER 9: Introduction to Rigging: Armatures and Bones
CHAPTER 10: The Animation Process
CHAPTER 11: Introduction to Lighting
CHAPTER 12: Compositing Nodes
CHAPTER 13: Using Particles and Dynamics
CHAPTER 14: Render
CHAPTER 15: Final Movie Compositing
CHAPTER 16: Python
CHAPTER 17: Film Promotion and Conclusion

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"Michelangelo Manrique"

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