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Blender FOR DUMMIES (Free PDF)

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Blender: an awesome little 3D content creation suite that animates characters, surprises nay-sayers, simulates physics, and gives you foot massages if you’ve had a bad day! Okay, the last part is an exaggeration, but it’s difficult to imagine a task in computer animation that Blender can’t do. With it, you can create 3D models, animate those models, edit those animations into a movie, and even create video games with them. All this in a free program that’s as small as a 9 MB download. Crazy!

Blender sits at a very unique position in the world of 3D computer graphics. It used to be that to get into 3D modeling and animation, you only had a few options and most of them were too expensive, too limiting, or – ahem – too illegal for people just trying to see what this whole 3D thing was all about. Blender circumvents all of that because it’s free. And it’s not just free as in, “This costs me zero dollars.” It’s truly free software that a world full of developers and users constantly contribute to, enhancing and improving it at a mind-boggling pace.

Part I: Wrapping Your Brain Around Blender
Chapter 1: Discovering Blender
Chapter 2: Understanding How Blender Thinks
Chapter 3: Getting Your Hands Dirty Working in Blender
Chapter 4: Working in Edit Mode and Object Mode
Part II: Creating Detailed 3D Scenes
Chapter 5: Creating Anything You Can Imagine with Meshes
Chapter 6: Using Blender’s Non-Mesh Primitives
Chapter 7: Changing that Boring Gray Default Material
Chapter 8: Giving Models Texture
Chapter 9: Lighting and Environment
Part III: Get Animated!
Chapter 10: Animating Objects
Chapter 11: Rigging: The Art of Building an Animatable Puppet
Chapter 12: Animating Object Deformations
Chapter 13: Letting Blender Do the Work for You
Part IV: Sharing Your Work with the World
Chapter 14: Exporting and Rendering Scenes
Chapter 15: Compositing and Editing
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 16: Ten Problems for New Users in Blender 
(and Ways around Them)
Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Working More Effectively in Blender
Appendix: About the CD
Bonus Chapter: Ten Excellent
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Author Details
"Jason van Gumster" got into animation when he realized that he wanted to create movies . . . but that actors are generally intolerant of having pianos dropped on them.

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