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Build an HTML5 Game (Free PDF)

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Even among experienced web developers, I often hear the question, “What exactly is HTML5?” The answer is difficult, in part because the rate of technological advances means the answer may change from one week to the next. The term HTML5 also tends to be used to bundle a collection of techniques, and those techniques are often judged by their end effect rather than the technology that created them.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the term HTML5, the label of HTML5 game programmer has acquired a mystique, as if moving from web developer to game programmer requires superpowers. Thus the reason for this book: to demystify the transition from building web pages to building web games.

Part 1: Building a Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Chapter 1: Preparation and Setup
Chapter 2: Sprite Animation Using jQuery and CSS
Chapter 3: Game Logic
Chapter 4: Translating Game State Changes to the Display 
Part 2: Enhancements with HTML5 and the Canvas
Chapter 5: CSS Transitions and Transformations
Chapter 6: Rendering Canvas Sprites
Chapter 7: Levels, Sound, and More
Chapter 8: Next Steps in HTML5

Author Details
"Karl Bunyan" began his programming career in the early 1980s, writing adventure games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. His first game was published in 1990, and he took his first steps in Internet
development in 1998. After three years of developing websites, touchscreen displays, interactive television applications, and CD-ROM projects for web agencies, Karl started his own consultancy business.

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