Monday, April 29, 2019

Building a 3D Game with LibGDX

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Building a 3D Game with LibGDX is a book about how to create games with LibGDX that can work in 3D. We'll cover camera differences with 2D primitive shapes, a game design “on the run” approach, modeling our assets, getting assets from websites, preparing our models and downloading them to be used with LibGDX, animations, textures, a basic UI and with Tweening, all toward developing a basic FPS game. And finally, we will get to export to a desired platform along with troubleshooting usual problems.

Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Development Environment
Chapter 2: An Extra Dimension
Chapter 3: Working toward a Prototype
Chapter 4: Preparing Visuals
Chapter 5: Starting to Look Like an Actual Game
Chapter 6: Spicing Up the Game
Chapter 7: Final Words

Author Details
"Sebastián Di Giuseppe"

"Andreas Krühlmann"

"Elmar van Rijnswou"

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