Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Building 3D Models with modo 701 (Free PDF)

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There are always a lot of people asking me very basic questions about my work in 3D art.

Sadly, learning how to use 3D software can be tedious and difficult, especially if you base your advances in self learning, which can imply double the effort. This book will focus on those kind of people who want to grow their skills in Luxology modo, but find the information about this software sometimes too hard to find or too technical for a beginner.

As that was the case when I started developing my skills in 3D art, I want to help others to understand the basics of this great piece of software, as I wanted to have in my early days. So, what you will find here is less technical information, and more practical definitions and examples, straight to the point and without unnecessary and confusing terminology.

Chapter 1: Knowing the Interface
Chapter 2: Beginning with Modeling
Chapter 3: Texturing and Materials
Chapter 4: Illuminating a Scene
Chapter 5: Preparing a Shot
Chapter 6: Rendering your Scene
Chapter 7: The Post-production Phase

Author Details
"Juan Jiménez García" started to doodle with 3D software back in 2004, with Lightwave 6. He then started to specialize in modeling, specially hard surface modeling, such as cars, furniture, all kinds of machines and engineering related stuff, and so on. He joined a small broadcasting company in his town, as a camera operator, and in charge of all CG imagery. He also started to explore CG for
architectural works.

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