Monday, April 29, 2019

Building Levels in Unity: Create exciting 3D game worlds with Unity

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You've just installed Unity and don't know where to start, or simply wish to learn about new features that come with the fifth version of this engine. It doesn't matter if this is your first game engine or you are thinking of making a smooth transition to it, this book has got you covered. Throughout this book, you will be creating an outdoor environment, learning associated tools and features by following practical examples in a step-by-step fashion and solidifying your knowledge by completing practical tasks. Complementary files will allow you to start from any chapter you are interested in and also serve as a catch-up option if you don't wish to complete the tutorials. By the end of this book, you will know how to apply your knowledge of level design, animation, modeling, and much more to the best engines on the market.

Chapter 1: Meet Unity
Chapter 2: Importing and Configuring Props
Chapter 3: Shaping Landscape
Chapter 4: Dealing with Basic Animations
Chapter 5: Invite Your Characters to Unity
Chapter 6: Using Mecanim for Advanced Animations
Chapter 7: Lighting Up the World
Chapter 8: Bringing the Sound
Chapter 9: Exploring the Particle System
Chapter 10: Final Editing and Build

Author Details
"Dylan Agis" is a programmer and game designer currently working at Lifeguard Games. His current works include WellaPets and a few of his own projects. He has a strong background in C++ and C#, as well as Unity, and he loves problem solving.

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