Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Building the Realtime User Experience

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This book describes a host of technologies and practices used to build truly realtime web applications and experiences. It’s about building applications and interfaces that react to user input and input from other servers in milliseconds, rather than waiting for web pages to refresh.

In some ways, these changes are incremental and fairly obvious to most developers. Adding simple JavaScript-based widgets to a website can be done in an afternoon by any developer. However, implementing a Python chat server, or integrating some server-push functionality based on Java into your PHP-based-stack, takes a bit of advance planning. This book aims to break these technologies down, to ensure that you can take any of the examples and insert them into your existing website.

This book assumes that you’re comfortable with modern web application development, but makes almost no assumptions that you know the specific technologies discussed. Rather than sticking with a simple technology, or writing about building applications using a specific programming language, this book uses many different technologies. If you’re comfortable with web application development, you should have no trouble following the examples, even if you’re unfamiliar with the specific technology.

1. Introduction
2. Realtime Syndication
3. The Dynamic Homepage (Widgets in Pseudorealtime)
4. River of Content 
5. Taming the Firehose with Tornado 
6. Chat 
7. Instant Messaging 
8. SMS 
9. Measuring User Engagement: Analytics on the Realtime Web 
10. Putting It All Together 

Author Details
"Ted Roden"

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