Monday, April 29, 2019

Building an RPG with Unity 5.x (Free PDF)

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Everyone wants to make a game, today this is possible more than ever due to the democratization of the game industry and the tools that are used to design and develop games. This books is written with several purposes in mind. Unity has come a long way from its early and humble beginnings. As of the writing of this book, Unity stands at version 5.4. Some games that have been developed using the Unity engine are: Republique Remastered, The Room Three and Mevius Final Fantasy, to name a few.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 2: Setting the Atmosphere
Chapter 3: Character Design
Chapter 4: Player Character and Non-Player Character Design
Chapter 5: Game Master and Game Mechanics
Chapter 6: Inventory System
Chapter 7: User Interface and System Feedback
Chapter 8: Multiplayer Setup

Author Details
"Vahé Karamian" is a software consultant and author based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been providing software development services to some of the top pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturing companies in the world.

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