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Canadian Fire Alarm Association Fire Alarm Systems A Reference Manual

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Fire alarm systems continue to be a major element for life safety in buildings. The subject of fire alarm systems is a unique discipline that has evolved with technological advances and is also linked with the legal requirements of Codes and Standards. This new edition of the manual is written as a reference resource for those taking Course 5 of the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician program, but also as an informative document to provide a better understanding of how things work, installation considerations and the multitude of fire alarm system requirements.

As stated in the previous edition, an understanding of basic electricity and basic electronics is necessary to achieve the maximum benefit. Knowledge of fire growth and progression is also helpful in addition to comprehension of the interdependent structure of the related codes and standards. “Introduction to the Fire Detection and Alarm Industry”, the Course 1 manual, is an excellent reference in this regard.

The new edition of “Fire Alarm Systems: A Reference Manual” is in a revised format with colour illustrations and photographs. The content of the thirteen chapters encompasses the fire topics of detection, signalling, control units, installation and testing. It has been built on the foundation of the previous edition and updated to include the advances in fire alarm system technology. Illustrations and photographs are intended to supplement the text and are not intended to promote a manufacturer’s product. The text has been revised with information to reflect the changes in the Building Code, Fire Code and the latest edition of the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) standards.

Chapter 1: Fire Alarm Systems - An Overview
Chapter 2: Manual Stations
Chapter 3: Fire Detectors
Chapter 4: Heat-Actuated Fire Detectors
Chapter 5: Smoke-Actuated Fire Detectors
Chapter 6: Audible And Visible Signalling Devices
Chapter 7: Control Equipment
Chapter 8: System Operational Principles
Chapter 9: Distributed Processing Systems
Chapter 10: Interface with Other Systems
Chapter 11: Installation of Fire Alarm Systems
Chapter 12: Verifications
Chapter 13: Inspection and Testing, and Maintenance

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