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Cell Biology Protocols Cell (Free PDF)

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Cell biology is a rapidly expanding discipline that is dependent upon continual technical development. We have attempted to compile an exciting and broadly useful cell biology techniques book, containing tried-and-tested procedures as well as newly established ones. Thus, this book contains an extensive series of routine and up-to-date protocols of value for those studying diverse aspects of present-day cell biology. The book commences with the presentation of several essential light microscopical procedures and leads on to the basic procedures required for producing a range of different cellular, subcellular and macromolecular specimens for transmission electron microscopical study. Then follows a chapter dealing with cell culture and cell separation procedures that are widely used to provide starting material for cellular research. The numerous techniques needed to study subcellular organelles and isolated cellular membranes are presented in the next two chapters, thereby providing the main thrust of the book. A series of 44 more specialist techniques used for in vitro studies and reassembly approaches in cell biology appear in the next chapter, each contributed by authors knowledgeable and experienced in their field of study. Finally, a reference chapter contains useful information on chemical hazard/safety aspects, centrifugation and radioisotopes. The book has a strong practical content and is directed to those at all levels who perform research in cell biology.

List of Contributors
1. Basic Light Microscopy
2. Basic Electron Microscopy
3. Cell Culture
4. Isolation and Functional Analysis of Organelles
5. Fractionation of Subcellular Membranes in Studies on Membrane Trafficking and Cell Signalling
6. In Vitro Techniques
7. Selected Reference Data for Cell and Molecular Biology

Author Details
"J. Robin Harris"
Institute of Zoology,
Johannes Gutenberg-Universit¨at, Mainz, Germany

"John Graham"
JG Research Consultancy, Upton, Wirral, UK

"David Rickwood"
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

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