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CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide (7th Edition)

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The CISSP: Certifi ed Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide, Seventh Edition, offers you a solid foundation for the Certifi ed Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. By purchasing this book, you’ve shown a willingness to learn and a desire to develop the skills you need to achieve this certifi cation. This introduction provides you with a basic overview of this book and the CISSP exam.

This book is designed for readers and students who want to study for the CISSP certifi cation exam. If your goal is to become a certifi ed security professional, then the CISSP certifi cation and this study guide are for you. The purpose of this book is to adequately prepare you to take the CISSP exam.

Before you dive into this book, you need to have accomplished a few tasks on your own. You need to have a general understanding of IT and of security. You should have the necessary fi ve years of full‐time paid work experience (or four years if you have a college degree) in two or more of the eight domains covered by the CISSP exam. If you are qualifi ed to take the CISSP exam according to (ISC) 2 , then you are suffi ciently prepared to use this book to study for it. For more information on (ISC) 2 , see the next section.

Assessment Test
Chapter 1: Security Governance Through Principles and Policies
Chapter 2: Personnel Security and Risk Management Concepts
Chapter 3: Business Continuity Planning
Chapter 4: Laws, Regulations, and Compliance
Chapter 5: Protecting Security of Assets
Chapter 6: Cryptography and Symmetric Key Algorithms
Chapter 7: PKI and Cryptographic Applications
Chapter 8: Principles of Security Models, Design, and Capabilities
Chapter 9: Security Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Countermeasures
Chapter 10: Physical Security Requirements
Chapter 11: Secure Network Architecture and Securing Network Components
Chapter 12: Secure Communications and Network Attacks
Chapter 13: Managing Identity and Authentication
Chapter 14: Controlling and Monitoring Access
Chapter 15: Security Assessment and Testing
Chapter 16: Managing Security Operations
Chapter 17: Preventing and Responding to Incidents
Chapter 18: Disaster Recovery Planning
Chapter 19: Incidents and Ethics
Chapter 20: Software Development Security
Chapter 21: Malicious Code and Application Attacks
Appendix A. Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B. Answers to Written Labs
Appendix C. About the Additional Study Tools

Author Details
"James Michael Stewart", CISSP, has been writing and training for more than 20 years, with a current focus on security. He has been teaching CISSP training courses since 2002, not to mention other courses on Internet security and ethical hacking/penetration testing.

"Mike Chapple", CISSP, Ph.D., is Senior Director for IT Service Delivery at the University of Notre Dame. In the past, he was chief information officer of Brand Institute and an information security researcher with the National Security Agency and the U.S. Air Force. His primary areas of expertise include network intrusion detection and access controls.

"Darril Gibson", CISSP, is the CEO of YCDA, LLC (short for You Can Do Anything) and he has authored or coauthored more than 35 books. Darril regularly writes, consults, and teaches on a wide variety of technical and security topics and holds several certifications.

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