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Compressor Instability with Integral Methods

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The CFD were significant tools for the engineers and analysts in the turbomachinery industries. The development of computational resources and computational methods enables us perform these CFD calculations quickly, and reliance on less component testing.

By the demand-pull of turbomachinery industries, the most comprehensive flow simulation models and improved methods have been established to achieve the ever-more flow feature and geometrical complexity and fidelity. Recently, several powerful and easy-to-use CFD software tools have been developed and dominate throughout the fluid machinery industry.

Because of the use of CFD is depended on computational sources, the experience of the software users, the options of numerical methods, physical modes, geometry definition, etc, the demand to use a simplify tool to predict and analyze integrated into the turbomachinery components encourages us to develop such a single set of formulations.

Chapter 1: Study on the Propagation of Inlet Flow Distortion in Axial Compressor Using an Integral Method
Chapter 2: Stall Prediction of In-flight Compressor due to Flamming of Refueling Leakage near Inlet
Chapter 3: Parametric Study of Inlet Distortion Propagation in Compressor with Integral Approach and Taguchi Method
Chapter 4: A Development of Novel Integral Method for Prediction of Distorted Inlet Flow Propagation in Axial Compressor
Chapter 5: Parametric Study of Greitzer’s Instability Flow Model Through Compressor System Using Taguchi Method

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"Y.K. Eddie Ng"

"Ningyu Liu"

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