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ComTIA Security+ Practice Tests (Free PDF)

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Congratulations on your purchase of CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests. This book will serve as a preparation tool for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam (SY0-501) as well  as your career in the IT security field.

The objective of this book is to prepare you for the CompTIA Security+ exam by explaining the terminology and technology that will be tested on the exam. The main focus of this book is to help you pass the exam. We don’t always cover every aspect of the related field, so some of the aspects of the technology will be covered only to the extent necessary to help you understand what you will need to know to pass the exam. We hope this book will become a valuable resource for you after you achieve the certification.

Chapter 1: Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
Chapter 2: Technologies and Tools
Chapter 3: Architecture and Design
Chapter 4: Identity and Access Management
Chapter 5: Risk Management
Chapter 6: Cryptography and PKI
Chapter 7: Practice Test
Appendix Answers to Practice Tests

Author Details
"S. Russell Christy" is a technical trainer in Memphis, Tennessee, who delivers traditional and online classroom learning for adults, covering a wide variety of products. He specializes  in computer maintenance and network and security; Microsoft Office applications; and web and print design. For over 20 years, he has deployed new desktops and operating systems, servers, and network hardware and software, while simultaneously troubleshooting various hardware and software issues.

"Chuck Easttom" is a researcher, consultant, and trainer in computer science and computer security. He has expertise in software engineering, operating systems, databases, web development, and computer networking. He travels the world teaching and consulting on digital forensics, cyber security, cryptology, and related topics. He has authored 22 books and counting, as well as dozens of research papers.

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