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Corona SDK Mobile Game Development Beginner's Guide

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This book is designed to introduce you to the basic standards of using the Corona SDK across iOS and Android platforms. You will enhance your learning experience by building three unique games in easy-to-follow steps. Apart from developing games, you will also dive into learning about social network integration, In-App Purchasing, monetizing, and shipping your applications to the App Store and/or Google Play Store.

Chapter 1: Getting Started With Corona SDK
Chapter 2: Lua Crash Course and the Corona Framework
Chapter 3: Building our First Game: Breakout
Chapter 4: Game Controls
Chapter 5: Animating our Game
Chapter 6: Playing Sounds and Music
Chapter 7: Physics: Falling Objects
Chapter 8: Operation Storyboard
Chapter 9: Handling Multiple Devices and Networking your Apps
Chapter 10: Optimizing, Testing, and Shipping your Games
Chapter 11: Implementing In-App Purchases
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Author Details
"Michelle M. Fernandez" is a mobile game developer for iOS/Android devices and co-founder of MobiDojo. She is also a mentor for aspiring artists and programmers trying to break into the game industry.

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