Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Creating Data Stories with Tableau Public (Free PDF)

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Tableau Software is on a mission to help people see and understand their data. Tableau Public, which is their free tool that allows anyone to publish interactive visualizations in the cloud, is a tremendous step toward democratizing data by providing tools to data journalists, bloggers, and hobbyists that previously would have been available only through corporate IT departments.

When we initially started off this project, our goal was to describe the features of Tableau Public so that you can create your own stories with data and then share them with the community. We also wanted to provide examples of how members of the online community have used Tableau Public to draw attention to important issues of our time. In the intervening months, many things have transpired: in addition to the important features in Tableau version 9.x, the online community has multiplied in size, about 500,000 people a day use Tableau Public, as of this writing, and the Tableau Foundation was established. Its mission is to use data to make a tangible difference in the world through the involvement of data volunteers and by granting software licenses to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving public health and the lives of underprivileged populations around the world.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Tableau Public
Chapter 2: Tableau Public Interface Features
Chapter 3: Connecting to Data
Chapter 4: Visualization – Tips and Types
Chapter 5: Calculations
Chapter 6: Level of Detail and Table Calculations
Chapter 7: Dashboard Design and Styling
Chapter 8: Filters and Actions
Chapter 9: Publishing Your Work

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"Matt Floyd"

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