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Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

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Since I first heard this question, I have seen many IT professionals become overwhelmed with the vertigo-inducing development of new data center technologies. From my perspective, their frustration was mainly caused by attempting to understand this subject without being properly introduced to the most fundamental concepts and definitions related to these complex environments. And that opinion has always formed the basis of my advice to them.

However, as the years passed, I observed how my answer to this question was becoming more elaborate. Understandably, an increasingly diverse background was being required from these professionals, mainly because data center technologies were repeatedly consolidating different areas of knowledge such as networking, storage, application, servers, cabling, and several others. And much to my chagrin, I had to admit that the job of creating an effective introduction to these technologies was getting even harder to “crack.”

After developing many learning road maps and customized trainings, I decided to challenge myself in writing a book that would address cutting-edge data center technologies and the core concepts they were based upon. From the start, the mammoth level of minutiae made me realize how close I was to a task such as writing a Beatles biography. And that exact thought inspired me to follow the steps of the best publications about the band: I had to use a unifying theme, something that could provide a firm backbone to a progressive presentation of these technologies. It was fairly easy for me to conclude that virtualization was this theme.

Part I: What Is Virtualization?
Chapter 1: Virtualization History and Definitions
Part II: Virtualization in Network Technologies
Chapter 2: Data Center Network Evolution
Chapter 3: The Humble Beginnings of Network Virtualization
Chapter 4: An Army of One: ACE Virtual Contexts
Chapter 5: Instant Switches: Virtual Device Contexts
Chapter 6: Fooling Spanning Tree
Chapter 7: Virtualized Chassis with Fabric Extenders
Chapter 8: A Tale of Two Data Centers
Part III: Virtualization in Storage Technologies
Chapter 9: Storage Evolution
Chapter 10: Islands in the SAN
Chapter 11: Secret Identities
Chapter 12: One Cable to Unite Us All
Part IV: Virtualization in Server Technologies
Chapter 13: Server Evolution
Chapter 14: Changing Personalities
Chapter 15: Transcending the Rack
Chapter 16: Moving Targets
Part V: End-to-End Virtualization
Chapter 17: The Virtual Data Center and Cloud Computing
Part VI: Appendixes
Appendix A. Cisco Data Center Portfolio
Appendix B. IOS, NX-OS, and Application Control Software Command-Line Interface Basics

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"Gustavo A. A. Santana"

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