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Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide, (4th Edition)

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Enterprise environments require networks designed for performance, availability, and scalability to achieve outcomes. Seasoned IT professionals with progressive end-to-end network design expertise are crucial in ensuring networks deliver to meet today’s requirements while future-proofing investments. For senior network design engineers, principal system engineers, network/solution architects, and CCDA professionals looking to build on your fundamental Cisco network design expertise, the Cisco CCDP certification program focuses on advanced addressing and routing protocols, WANs, service virtualization, and integration strategies for multilayered enterprise architectures.

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills needed to design or help in designing an enterprise network. Successful candidates will be able to design and understand the inner workings of all elements within the common enterprise network, including internal routing, BGP routing, modern WAN connectivity, modern data center and data center interconnect, basic network security considerations, advanced quality-of-service design, transition to IPv6, and multicast routing design.

Part I: Designing Reliable and Resilient Enterprise Layer 2 and Layer 3 Networks
Chapter 1: Optimal Enterprise Campus Design
Chapter 2: EIGRP Design
Chapter 3: OSPF Design
Chapter 4: IS-IS Design
Chapter 5: Border Gateway Protocol Design
Part II: Enterprise IPv6 Design Considerations and Challenges
Chapter 6: IPv6 Design Considerations in the Enterprise
Chapter 7: Challenges of the Transition to IPv6
Part III: Modern Enterprise Wide-Area Networks Design
Chapter 8: Service Provider–Managed VPNs
Chapter 9: Enterprise-Managed WANs
Chapter 10: Enterprise WAN Resiliency Design
Part IV: Enterprise Data Center Designs
Chapter 11: Multitier Enterprise Data Center Designs
Chapter 12: New Trends and Techniques to Design Modern Data Centers
Chapter 13: Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure
Chapter 14: Data Center Connections
Part V: Design QoS for Optimized User Experience
Chapter 15: QoS Overview
Chapter 16: QoS Design Principles and Best Practices
Chapter 17: Campus, WAN, and Data Center QoS Design
Chapter 18: MPLS VPN QoS Design
Chapter 19: IPsec VPN QoS Design
Part VI: IP Multicast Design
Chapter 20: Enterprise IP Multicast Design
Chapter 21: Rendezvous Point Distribution Solutions
Part VII: Designing Optimum Enterprise Network Security
Chapter 22: Designing Security Services and Infrastructure Protection
Chapter 23: Designing Firewall and IPS Solutions
Chapter 24: IP Multicast Security
Chapter 25: Designing Network Access Control Solutions
Part VIII: Design Scenarios
Chapter 26: Design Case Studies
Appendix A. Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B. References

Author Details
"Marwan Al-shawi", CCDE No. 20130066, is a Cisco Press author whose titles include the top Cisco certification design books CCDE Study Guide and Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide, Fourth Edition. He also is an experienced technical architect. Marwan has been in the networking industry for more than 12 years and has been involved in architecting, designing, and implementing various large-scale networks, some of which are global service provider– grade networks.

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