Sunday, April 28, 2019

DirectX 11.1 Game Programming (Free PDF)

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In the last few years, the number of devices in which complex graphics are embedded has vastly increased. Recently, Microsoft released a new version of Windows called Windows 8. The Direct3D 11.1 API is also included with Windows 8 and provides a significant expansion in capabilities over it's previous version.Microsoft showed that Direct3D 11.1 plays a key role in writing high-performance 3D Metro applications in Windows 8. To ease portability, Windows 8 introduces a new type of application called the Windows Store application, which is a great opportunity for developers to write cross-platform applications to write cross-platform applications over the Microsoft platforms.

Chapter 1: Say Hello to DirectX 11.1
Chapter 2: Getting Started with HLSL
Chapter 3: Rendering a 3D Scene
Chapter 4: Tessellation
Chapter 5: Multithreading

Author Details
"Pooya Eimandar" was born on January 07, 1986. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Hardware Engineering from Shomal University and has been programming mainly in DirectX and OpenGL since 2002.

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