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Fungal Biology (4th Edition)

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Fungal Biology (4th edition) is the successor to three previous editions of “Modern Mycology.” The text has been fully updated and expanded to cover many new developments in fungal biology. Each of the 17 chapters is largely independent, with a clear theme and crossreferencing, so that the text can be used to focus on selected topics.

The early chapters deal with the unique structure and organization of fungi and fungus-like organisms, including modern experimental approaches in fungal biology, and the many ways in which fungi respond to environmental cues. These chapters also cover the diversity of fungi, and fungal products including immunosuppressants, antibiotics, and mycotoxins that contaminate food.

1. Introduction: the fungi and fungal activities
2. The diversity of fungi and fungus-like organisms
3. Fungal structure and ultrastructure
4. Fungal growth
5. Differentiation and development
6. Fungal nutrition
7. Fungal metabolism and fungal products
8. Environmental conditions for growth, and tolerance of extremes
9. Fungal genetics, molecular genetics, and genomics
10. Fungal spores, spore dormancy, and spore dispersal
11. Fungal ecology: saprotrophs
12. Fungal interactions: mechanisms and practical exploitation
13. Fungal symbiosis
14. Fungi as plant pathogens
15. Fungal parasites of insects and nematodes
16. “The moulds of man”
17. Principles and practice of controlling fungal growth
Systematic index
General index

Author Details
"Jim Deacon" Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK

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