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Gas Turbine Performance (2nd Edition)

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Performance is the end product that a gas turbine company sells. Furthermore, it is the thread which sews all other gas turbine technologies together. Gas turbine performance may be summarised as:

The thrust or shaft power delivered for a given fuel flow, life, weight, emissions, engine diameter and cost. This must be achieved while ensuring stable and safe operation throughout the operational envelope, under all steady state and transient conditions.

To function satisfactorily within a gas turbine company, engineers from all disciplines, as well as marketing staff, must understand the fundamentals of performance.

The authors were motivated to write this book by experiences gained while working for three prominent gas turbine companies in the UK and the USA. These clearly showed the pressing need for a book presenting the fundamentals of performance in an applied manner, pertinent to the everyday work of those in industry as well as university based readers.

Foreword to the first edition
Gas Turbine Engine Configurations
1. Gas Turbine Engine Applications
2. The Operational Envelope
3. Properties and Charts for Dry Air, Combustion Products and other Working Fluids
4. Dimensionless, Quasidimensionless, Referred and Scaling Parameter Groups
5. Gas Turbine Engine Components
6. Design Point Performance and Engine Concept Design
7. Off Design Performance
8. Transient Performance
9. Starting
10. Windmilling
11. Engine Performance Testing
12. The Effects of Water – Liquid, Steam and Ice
13. Fuel and Oil Properties and their Impact
14. Performance of In-Service Products
15. Performance and the Economics of Gas Turbine Engines
Appendix A: Station Numbering and Nomenclature
Appendix B: Unit Conversions

Author Details
"Philip P. Walsh" BSc, FRAeS, CEng Head of Performance and Engine Systems Rolls-Royce plc
"Paul Fletcher" MA (Oxon), MRAeS, CEng Manager, Prelim Design Energy Business Rolls-Royce plc

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