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Gas Turbine Repair Technology

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Unit availability and effective utilization of maintenance funds are two of the most important concerns of a gas turbine owner/operator. Major gas turbine components have limited lives in comparison to the unit’s useful life. Owners/operators are continually faced with
decisions regarding component replacement and/or repair. A component repair program that minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes equipment availability can be instituted within the installed base to meet or improve financial objectives. This paper summarizes some of the state-of-the-art gas turbine component repair processes developed by GE to support the fleet of GE-designed heavy-duty gas turbines.

1. Abstract
2. Component Repairs
3. Nozzles
4. Advanced Bucket Repair
5. Rotors
6. Combustion Hardware
7. Fuel Nozzles
8. Component Enhancement
9. Service Background
10. Summary
11. Appendix — Destructive Analysis: A Tool for Understanding Component Life
12. List of Figures
13. List of Tables

Author Details
"K.J. Pallos" 
GE Energy Services Technology
Atlanta, GA

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