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Geothermal HVAC (Green Heating and Cooling)

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I have been passionate about geothermal air-conditioning for 20 years because it is renewable, sustainable, and comfortable. And now with new federal incentives in the United States, I am glad to say that I can add a fourth watchword: doable. Even so, my favorite word of the four is sustainable. You may think it’s because geothermal technologies can reduce our reliance on dirty, scarce fossil fuels and lessen our impact on the environment. That’s certainly true, but that’s not the first thing I think of.

You see, I grew up as the oldest of nine children on a nine-acre ranch in the high desert of California. My father is a great man, a high school English teacher, who provided well for our family on $18,000 per year during the 1970s, my formative years. Our electrical budget was $50. Our food budget was $200. We had a shared party line for the phone and no cable TV. We could get one or two network affiliates by antenna if the atmospheric conditions were right. By our very nature, we were green before it was cool.

1. Introduction to Geothermal Technologies
2. Heat Transfer and HVAC Basics
3. Geothermal Heat Pumps and Their Uses
4. Earth Coupling through Ground Loops
5. Introduction to Load Sharing
6. Efficiency and Load Calculations Simplified
7. Understanding Pricing of Geothermal Systems
8. Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates
9. Understanding Geothermal Project Proposals
10. How to Calculate Your Payback
11 Verifying Your System
12. Life Cycles and Longevity
13. Common Problems and Horror Stories
14. Geothermal Spreads around the Globe
Appendix. Geothermal HVAC Resources

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Jay Egg (Port Richey, Florida) started Egg Systems in 1990 to provide energy-effi cient geothermal air conditioning systems to the Florida market. Since then, Egg Systems has successfully installed thousands of geothermal HVAC systems for residential and commercial customers, in the Tampa, Orlando, and Atlanta regions—and beyond.

Brian Clark Howard (New York, New York) is an environmental journalist with a decade of experience in websites, magazines, books and other media. He serves as a Web Editor at The Daily Green, which is part of Hearst Digital Media and is one of the world’s largest and most trusted sources for consumer information on living a more environmentally friendly life.

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