Friday, April 12, 2019

Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency

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Boiler are an integral part of almost every industry, often consuming the largest proportion of the fuel being used bu that industry. ENERCON's various programs abundantly reveal that due to the current poor operating practices, steam generation and its usage can be optimized through the implementation of many economically viable energy conservation and efficiency improvement opportunities.

In general, the boilers are not well maintained, and owners frequently complain of the poor quality of technical support services available. No formal training facilities exist in the country for boiler engineers and operators. The Boiler inspectorates are understaffed and ill-equipped to carry out the important tasks of inspection, monitoring and certification.
1. Introduction
2. Description of Boilers
3. Fuels, Combustion and Efficiency
4. Reducing the Losses Affecting Efficiency
5. Efficiency Calculations
6. Boiler Instrumentation and Controls
7. Burners ad Combustion Controls
8. Water Treatment
9. Boiler heat Recovery Systems
10. Solar Water Heating Systems
11. Performance Monitoring
12. Environmental Pollution Aspect

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