Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Introduction to Electrical Engineering

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The present textbook is intended for trainees in the field of electrical engineering. It is also suitable for electricians who want to make themselves again acquainted with the theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering by private study and qualify for higher positions.

The authors have spared no effort to represent the subject-matter scientifically exact and at the same time so that it is easily understood. For the derivation of formulas only fundamental knowledge of mathematics is required on the part of the reader. The grasping of the subject-matter is facilitated by the inclusion in this book of numerous sketches and illustrations. The practical use of the formulas is shown by demonstrations of examples of solutions and the trainee will thus be enabled to solve the problems presented without assistance. Each Section is followed by a summary of the subjects and problems for exercise and recapitulation.

We are indepted to the experts for their valuable suggestions. We wish all readers a successful completion of their vocational training and hope this textbook will be instrumental to this end; and we ask them to send suggestions for improving the textbook to the Institute for Vocational Development.

1. Importance of Electrical Engineering
2. Fundamental Quantities of Electrical Engineering
3. Electric Circuits
4. Electrical Energy
5. Magnetic Field
6. Electrical Field
7. Alternating Current
8. Three-phase Current
9. Protective Measures in Electrical Installations

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