Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lecture Notes on Applied Mathematics for Business and Economics

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Chapter 1: Functions
1. Definition of a Function (of one variable)
2. The Graph of a Function
3. Linear Functions
4. Functional Models
Chapter 2: Differentiation: Basic Concepts
1. The Derivative Definition
2. Techniques of Differentiation
3. The Derivative as a Rate of change
4. Approximation by Differentials; Marginal Analysis
5. The Chain Rule
6. Higher-Order Derivatives
7. Concavity and the Second Derivative Test
8. Applications to Business and Economics
Chapter 3: Functions of Two Variables
1. Functions of Two Variables
2. Partial Derivatives
3. The Chain Rule; Approximation by the Total Differential
4. Relative Maxim
5. Lagrange Multipliers
Chapter 4: Linear Programming (LP)
1. System of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
2. Geometric Linear Programming
Chapter Exercises

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