Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Performance Evaluation for a Solar Assisted Air Conditioning System in Taipei

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This report shows the study performed at Taipei National University of Technology in Taipei to evaluate the performance of a solar air conditioning system. The performance is evaluated under Taiwan climate conditions. The research is performed under summer weather conditions. No influence is done on these conditions. A solar air conditioning system currently available on the market is used. No changes are made to the system.

The work to be done is divided into different phases in order to guide the process. First, a literature research is done to find similar research done on this topic and to gain a basic understanding of the topic. Then several measurement plans are made to investigate different parts of the system.. Measurements are done. It is tried to developing a computer model in order to be able to simulate the system performance.

The overall objective was to gain knowledge about a solar assisted air-conditioning system and develop a model to simulate the system. Initially a list of research questions was made in order to quantify ‘gaining knowledge’ about the system. The plan was to answer them by using measurement data and creating a model to perform simulations. There are measurements done in this report, however due to too many ‘unknowns’* it is difficult to draw conclusions from them. A lot of research questions are still open and they are also not included in this report. It is also not succeeded to make a working model of a solar assisted air conditioner.

List of figures
1. Introduction
2. Measurement setup
3. Performance evaluation
4. System parameter experiments
5. The model
6. Conclusions, discussion and recommendations
7. References
8. Appendices

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