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Pipe Flow Expert User Guide

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Pipe Flow Expert is a software application that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

It used by engineers in over 75 countries worldwide, to model pipe systems where the flow rates, pressure losses, and pumping requirements of the system need to be calculated.

The Pipe Flow Expert software has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to start working on their pipe designs, which can be drawn out on a 2D or 3D isometric grid.

The software is backed up by an unrivalled support service that provides help to users when they need it.

1. Table of Contents
2. Table of Figures
3. Introduction
4. Interface and Menus
5. File and Design Operations
6. System Options
7. Fluid Zones
8. Fluids Database
9. Tanks
10. Nodes (Join Points)
11. Pipes
12. Fittings and Valves
13. Components
14. Cv and Kv Flow Coefficients
15. Sprinkler K factors
16. Control Valves (FCV, PRV, BPV)
17. Pumps
18. Demand Flows
19. Demand Pressures
20. Text Items
21. Images
22. Viewing, Modifying, and Deleting Items
23. System Amendments and Group Updates
23. Calculations and Results
24. Calculation Theory and Method of Solution
25. Working with Compressible Fluids

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