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Piping Isometric Drawings (User's Guide)

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This document is a user's guide for the Smart 3D Drawings and Reports task and provides command reference information and procedural instructions.
The Drawings and Reports user documentation is delivered in three separate documents:
1. Orthographic Drawings User's Guide
2. Piping Isometric Drawings User's Guide
3. Reports User's Guide

Documentation Comments
For the latest support information for this product, comments or suggestions about this documentation, and documentation updates for supported software versions, please visit Intergraph Smart Support.

1. What's New in Drawings and Reports
2. Drawings and Reports
3. Delivered Drawing Types
4. Interface Overview
5. View Menu
6. Shortcut Menus
7. Components Overview
8. Piping Isometric Drawings by Query 
9. Isometric Drawing Styles
10. Detail Sketches in Drawings
11. Layers
12. Custom Symbols for Isometric Drawings
13. Search Folders
14. Imported Folders
15. Tools Menu
16. Working with Drawings and Reports and SmartSketch Drawing Editor
17. Revising
18. Publishing Documents
Appendix: Troubleshooting Drawings and Reports
Appendix: Isometric Drawing Options
Appendix: Isometric Drawings and WBS Items
Appendix: Personal ISOGEN Return Values
Appendix: Symbols and Symbol Keys
Appendix: AText Reference Data

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