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Plain Bearings (Millwright)

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In this module, you are introduced to the different types of plain bearings and how each type is used. you also become acquainted with the various materials that are used in plain bearings. The module describes how to install these bearings as well as hoe to pour and fit Babbitt bearings.

Objective One
1. Plain Bearings
2. Journal Bearings
3. Types of Radial Loads
4. Types of Radial bearings
5. Bushings
6. Types of Bushings
7. Hydrodynamic Bearings
8. Hydrostatic Bearings
9. Oil Lift Journal Bearing
10. Hybrid Bearings
11. Thrust Bearings
12. Flat Plate Thrust Bearings
13. Tapered Land Thrust bearings
14. The Tilting pad thrust bearings 
15. Oil Lift Thrust Bearing
16. Magnetic Bearings
17. Gas-Lubricated Bearings
18. Aerodynamic Bearings
19. Aerostatic bearings
20. Construction of Gas Lubricated Journal and Thrust bearings
Objective Two
1. Desirable Characteristics of plain Bearing Materials
2. Babbitt
3. Other plain Bearing Metals
4. Copper/Lead and lead/Bronze Bearings
5. Aluminum/Tin and Aluminum/Silicone Alloys
6. Teflon
Objective Three
1. Split Bearing installation
2. Installation of bearing Inserts (Shells) in Housings
3. Installation of Bearings
4. Installation of Inserts in Connecting Rods
5. Bushing replacement
6. Thrust Bearing Installation
7. magnetic bearing Installation
Objective Four
1. personal protection
2. Working Environment
Objective Five
1. Introduction to Babbitt Bearing Pouring
2. Fitting a bearing
3. Methods of Measuring the Clearance
Self-Test Answers

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